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News Letter for 01/16/21

Below are some of the top news from fintech industry this week.

Walmart moves into Fintech.

Walmart announced that it is partnering with leading financial technology investment firm Ribbit Capital to create a new fintech start-up.

Affirm IPO.

Affirm(Nasdaq: AFRM), one of the leading vendors in the Fintech BNPL space, had a successful IPO.

Checkout.com raises $450Million on $15 Billion Valuation

Fintech company was founded in 2012 to make payments seamless, raise $450 Million in funding, and currently process a billion euros a week. The new funding round will help improve headcount and expand to different geographies.

JPMorgan had good fourth-quarter earning and CEO cautions of fintech competition.

JPMorgan reported a Revenue of $30.16 billion, exceeding the expected $28.70 billion.

Visa and Plaid Abandon Merger

U.S Department of Justice announced Visa Inc. and Plaid Inc. had abandoned their planned $5.3 billion merger due to an antitrust lawsuit.

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